Texas LGBTQ Activists Keep Hot Eyes on Texas Legislatures: Here’s Why!

The immediate passing of bills targeting LGBTQ Texas by the Texas Senate has garnered the attention of Texas LGBTQ activists, The Texas Tribute reported. Some actions raised concerns among the LGBTQ community who now fear that the state is becoming unfavorable for LGBTQ individuals.

Texas LGBTQ Activists Keep Hot Eyes on Texas Legislatures
Texas LGBTQ Activists Keep Hot Eyes on Texas Legislatures. (PHOTO: KERA News)

Why Texas LGBTQ Activists Keep Hot Eyes on Texas Legislature?

Led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the Republican-controlled chamber advances legislation that would restrict Texas schools from discussing LGBTQ existence, bans trans college athletes from participating in sports teams aligning with their gender identity, deny transgender kids access to medically supported treatments, and defund public libraries for allowing drag queens to read to children.

The situation feels like a pressure cooker for many Texas LGBTQ parents with the temperature rising. These quick moves by Texas Legislatures have left them worried and anxious about the future of their kids. Parents are having to make really hard decisions.

Their fate in the Texas House is uncertain, while the bills were expected to pass easily in the conservative Senate. There is growing anti-LGBTQ sentiment within the party that is believed could affect the outcome, despite the GOP’s long control over the lower chamber. On the other hand, Republican Speaker Dade Phelan has not offered clear indications of his stance on this legislation, despite his condemned bashing of the LGBTQ community in his statement last 2019.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, over 1.8 million people in Texas identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, so Texas is home to a significant LGBTQ population. A survey from  Public Religion Research Institute last 2022 shows 75% of Texas supports anti-discrimination acts and protections for LGBTQ individuals.

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Texas LGBTQ Activists Fight For Their Rights

Texas LGBTQ has made significant progress in gaining constitutional rights and acceptance by the community in the past two decades. But, unfortunately for them, conservatives have sought to roll back those fights that they win, and despite accepting them, conservatives spread harmful stereotypes and misinformation about LGBTQ individuals saying they are groomers and pedophiles who want to indoctrinate children in society. The Texas GOP platform even goes as far as declaring homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice” and opposing efforts to validate transgender identity.

A coalition of over 120 groups and churches has publicly condemned the actions taken by Texas legislatures. House LGBTQ Caucus joined by chairs of six House Caucuses have released a joint statement denouncing the legislation.

Texas LGBTQ activists are keeping a close eye on the development in the Texas House as the legislative session continues in Texas. The outcome of these bills will surely have an impact on the LGBTQ community in Texas. LGBTQ activists remain resilient as they continue to fight for their rights and fight for equality. They are determined to push back and fight against legislation like this to ensure that LGBTQ Texas are to be treated with respect and dignity.

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