Texas House Bill 25 Approved: Prescription Drugs From Canada Will Be Imported Into The State

Texans could see a major relief soon in prescription drug costs. The Texas House Bill 25 has been approved by a majority of 144-1 vote, CBS News reported. House Bill 25 can potentially save money for Texans because the bill allows certain drugs to be imported from Canada, which is believed to be cheaper.

Texas House Bill 25 Approved
Texas House Bill 25 Approved, Prescription Drugs From Canada Will Be Imported into the State. (PHOTO: Partnership for Safe Medicines)

Texas House Bill 25 Approved

House Bill 25 is authored by Representative James Talarico. He wants the state to work with Canadian suppliers and find drugs that can provide savings for Texans. Notably, the cost of prescription drugs is remarkably high, and Texans spend thousands of dollars on their medication. House Bill 25 can be a hope for Texans who struggle in purchasing high-cost prescription drugs.

Other states like Colorado, Florida, Maine, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Vermont have also had similar programs that are being proposed. An estimate shows 65% could be the potential savings for employers, as well as patients and customers. But, there are concerns raised about the safety of imported drugs that will come into their states. Texas Pharmacy Association expressed their opposition to the bill and cited concerns over the standards of the FDA and proper tracing and tracking of the drugs.

On the other hand, State Representative Brian Harrison has emphasized that they ensure safety in the program, he said that active pharmaceutical ingredients are already imported from abroad. He also believes that House Bill 25 would bring relief to Texans without compromising their safety.

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Other Concerns on Texas House Bill 25

Some have also raised concerns and questions, despite the potential benefits. Many are questioning about why Texans can’t purchase from Texas-based companies like Cost Plus Drugs which offers generic drugs at discounted prices by negotiating directly with drug manufacturers.

As House Bill 25 moves forward to the Senate for approval and debate, many Texans are hoping that if it will become law, it can provide much-needed relief from the high cost of prescription drugs. Accessing medications at lower prices without compromising their safety would be such a relief to Texans.

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