Leaked Pentagon Documents: Former CIA Chief Says Major Counterintelligence Flap For Biden Administration!

Classified documents in Pentagon were reportedly leaked by Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old junior officer who shared and uploaded them on the web. The question circulating is why the junior officer gets access to classified documents and information. In an interview with Fox News, the former CIA Station Chief, and intelligence veteran Dan Hoffman said that “It’s a major counterintelligence flap for the Biden administration.”

Leaked Pentagon Documents
Leaked Pentagon Documents, Former CIA Chief Says Major Counterintelligence Flap For Biden Administration! (PHOTO: EL PAÍS in English)

Leaked Pentagon Documents

Hoffman said that the leaked Pentagon documents was also a big slap for the DOD’s practice of not enforcing the need-to-know principle in their department. The former CIA station chief is concerned that the junior officer is not the only one who spies and wants to have access to secret files of the United States.

Hoffman added that to obtain such information, you need to have security clearances, but the junior officer finds it so easy to access the material. About this, Rep. of the House Intelligence Committee Brian Fitzpatrick revealed that the junior officer is an IT specialist and that this practice is never new to him.

Another question that Hoffman is concerned about is how much of this access he had and how much of it was he creating access for himself using whatever cyber capacity he has as an IT expert to be able to obtain documents that he shouldn’t have.

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Most Damaging Information that May Affect National Security

“He chose documents that would have a wedge between the U.S. and allied countries,” Hoffman said. Allegations that the U.S. is spying on Ukraine, Turkey was providing military group officers to protest the Israeli Government, and Taiwan not having air defense to prevent Chinese attacks cause major concern and is believed to be the most damaging type of information that may affect national security, according to Hoffman.

Most of these documents are uploaded to the internet and it doesn’t matter what’s true and not true because it was on the internet and the damage has been done. Hoffman believed, that the deeper motive of the junior officer is he wants to harm the U.S. by stealing those documents.

More reports will be released in the coming days and the former CIA Station Chief reiterated that it’s not going to get better and that he feared this is a major counterintelligence flap for the Biden administration.

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