George Moss’s Murder: Where are the Murderers Now?

November 2015 saw the tragic death of George Moss, a well-liked member of the neighbourhood, who was discovered forcing open his front door for an unclear reason. George Moss was born on August 8, 1985. His friends, family, and coworkers saw him as a “intelligent” person who was always looking for ways to better himself and his community. He also had a keen interest in sports from a young age; he played football at Lakeview Centennial High School.

Moss got to know Mimi while attending college, and the two of them eventually got married. Up to his early 20s, Moss played semi-professional football; nevertheless, an injury prevented him from doing physically demanding tasks. He withdrew to Forney, Texas, where they made their home and were content with one another. Moss was inspired upon arriving to give back to his community by living up to the principles that his 14 years had taught him. As a result, he is worked as a part-time young football coach and occasionally served as a referee.

Moss was discovered laying on his porch, according to a neighbor’s account, which prompted authorities to become involved on November 28, 2015. He had a gunshot wound in the back of his skull and a cut above his eye, which the police observed.

One of Moss’ neighbours gave the police a vital lead a week into the investigation. On the morning of the murder, they claimed to have seen a strange black automobile outside Moss’ home, pointing out that one of the windows had a noticeable black plastic covering. The cops located the car using security footage, and they then looked for it on neighbouring CCTV cameras. They were able to obtain the number plate number of the vehicle thanks to a camera installed on a building that was still under construction.

They found the registration address after conducting additional inquiry, which showed that the car was stolen. During interviews there, a guy who thought his 16-year-old cousin Robert Grayson might have been involved in the murder provided a critical lead. Grayson gave vital information, naming the people in the car the morning that Moss died as Henre Davis, Deion Young, and Jarvis Kimble.

Where are Henre Davis, Deion Young, and Jarvis Kimble?

While awaiting trial, Davis and Grayson got into a fight and attacked a constable; as a result, their sentences for attacking a public official were extended by five years. Jarvis, who is currently 32 years old, is incarcerated at the Wynne Unit in Texas and is scheduled to be released from prison in 2032. Davis, a 26-year-old prisoner in Texas’ Skyview Unit, will be eligible for release in 2025. The TDCJ Polunsky Unit is home to Young, a 26-year-old who is eligible for parole in 2028.