Who Killed Natasha Atchley? : What We Know So Far

Born on May 11, 1972, Natasha Atchley experienced early family difficulties because her parents divorced when she was only three years old. As a result, she lived in the little east Texas town of Livingston with her mother. When she was eight years old, her mother gave birth to a son named Chad Woodward, and her family grew as both of her parents remarried. After that, she accepted her sisterly responsibilities and looked out for her sibling.

Natasha—who was rumoured to have a “wild” side—was discovered in her car’s trunk after going to a party on May 2, 1992. Her body was reduced to ashes by fire.

According to Spingola, “nothing destroys evidence quite like a fire.” “Her death is shrouded in mystery because of that unknown.”

Together with San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office personnel Sheriff Greg Capers, Sgt. Martin Montalvo, and Lt. Charles Dougherty, Siegler and Spingola had unheard-of access to the victim’s complete file to support their investigation.

A constable was called to a car fire in a wooded area on May 3, 1992. The car was taken to a dealership at the time since it was thought to be a stolen one.

However, Natasha’s mother was worried because SHE skipped a family get-together on Mother’s Day weekend. Her daughter’s vehicle was reported to be at the tow yard. Upon reaching the car, her mother saw several bones and what seemed to be a skull in the trunk.

Natasha’s remains were recognised.

Is It Known by the Authorities Who Killed Natasha Atchley?
According to Siegler, there have been rumours regarding Natasha’s death, such as one suggesting she was pregnant and another that she had ties to organised crime.

Morton and Henning had left the party with 17-year-old Kevin Malone, who had allegedly supplied the LSD that was present at the gathering, shortly after Natasha drove off. When a witness said he witnessed Morton and Henning beat up Natasha, they were taken into custody. However, they were freed after the witness changed his story.

According to reports, Natasha also ran into another partygoer named Chad McGregor. Could she have died as a result of an argument with one of these people?

Investigators also made contact with a large number of attendees at the party in order to confirm or deny any reports that Natasha got into a fight. There was no hard proof of collusion between Natasha and the potential suspects from the interviews.

Another dead end for the squad came when they connected one of the suspects to the drip gas accelerant used in this fire. In a similar vein, a jailhouse informant who had publicly stated thirty years prior that Morton had acknowledged his involvement in Natasha’s death has since recanted.

The idea that the death was not a homicide was further supported by interviews with Jim Morton, Kevin Malone, and Chad McGregor. Their accounts corresponded with what they said thirty years ago during the first probe.