Drag Queen Slams Anti-LGBTQ Demonstrators in Washington DC

One drag queen in Washington, DC, retaliated by silencing her critics as right-wing radicals continue to target drag queen events there and across the country.

A small handful of anti-LGBTQ+ radicals with signs and bullhorns also arrived at Crazy Aunt Helen’s on Saturday as about 150 individuals did. Crazy Aunt Helen’s is a well-known LGBTQ+ restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood that previously thwarted a Proud Boys protest attempt.

“Pride is of the devil,” declared one placard held by a person who said they were transgender once but detransitioned after finding Jesus.

But fear not, Shi-Queeta Lee came forward to take on the fanatics. The person attempted to refute Lee’s position on God’s love for LGBTQ+ persons, but Lee was well-prepared because she had grown up in a religious environment thanks to her minister’s father.

As the person started reading from their phone in response to Lee’s challenge to quote a verse in the Bible where the topic is covered, Lee cut them off and corrected them by quoting the entire verse they had been referring to.

Lee started singing on the sidewalk while wearing a full gown while the person continued to scream. Lee ultimately went back inside, leaving the demonstrators outside perplexed, mocked, and perplexed.

According to Lee, she didn’t anticipate being the subject of a demonstration on the weekend, The Advocate reports. She claims that when she first arrived at the location, everything appeared to be in order, but when brunch started, she learned that something was off.

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Drag Queen Urges People to Understand Various Performances

LGBTQ+-Drag Queen-Washington DC-US News
One drag queen in Washington, DC, retaliated by silencing her critics as right-wing radicals continue to target drag queen events there and across the country.

She stated that she could hear noise from outside after she began her presentation, and this aroused her interest. She claims that as she finished her duties, the throng inside started applauding, and clapping, and encouraged her to face the demonstrators.

She laughed and added, “Well, I’m going to perform first because I’m going to make my coin in case I need any for the doctor later.”

She claims that after challenging the bullies on the south side of Washington, DC to try their stunts, she stepped outside and faced them.

Later, when guests were leaving, she claims to have returned outdoors but noticed that the demonstrators’ fervor had subsided. Lee claims that the widespread anti-drug sentiment Republicans uphold is disturbing for a number of reasons, including the obvious rights and identity concerns.

 Also, she asserts that drag queens must perform to make a living. She claims that even if she hasn’t taken part in drag queen story hour, she admires and understands those who have.

There are many kinds of drag performances, according to Lee, some of which are sensual in settings where kids are never present and others of which are brunch performances and story hour appearances for families.

According to her, if Republicans were ethical businesspeople, they would understand those drag queens are, first and foremost, performers who put on a show that is acceptable for the audience for whom they are paid. She claims it’s the same as booking any other artist.

For parents who are worried about drag, she offers this advice: go to a brunch or story hour with your kids, or leave the kids at home and attend a late performance with your friends.

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