Tennessee Caregiver Arrested for Allegedly Exploiting Elderly Woman’s Bank Account

A Tennessee caregiver was arrested after allegedly exploiting an elderly woman out of $116,000 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began an investigation into the allegations against a Tennessee caregiver in November 2021. (Photo: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Tennessee Caregiver Allegedly Exploits Elderly Woman

Kathey Nance, 67 years old Tennessee caregiver, allegedly exploited an elderly woman to withdraw large amounts of money from her bank account and hand it over to her.

According to Fox News, the Tennessee caregiver would drive the elderly client to the bank. The caregiver would assist her in withdrawing large sums of money before taking the cash for herself. This happened between March 2021 and February 2022.

placeholderThe Tennessee caregiver, Nance then allegedly transfer the money to another account through a Bitcoin ATM. She continued taking and assisting the elderly woman to the bank for withdrawals despite receiving a warning from the victim’s daughter telling her to stop, investigators said.

The Tennessee caregiver is also accused of creating an account in the victim’s name. She used the personal information of the victim’s daughter and did it without permission of the victim’s daughter.

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Tennessee Caregiver Faces Multiple Charges

The Tennessee caregiver is now facing multiple charges, authorities said Friday.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said she was arrested and charged after stealing more than $116,000 from the elderly victim over the course of a year.

The Tennessee caregiver was indicted by a grand jury on April 4. She was charged with one count of caregiver neglect of an elderly adult, and one count of identity theft, obtaining, possessing, buying, or using a personal ID of another person.

On Tuesday, Nance was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

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