‘Black Clover’ Chapter 325 Spoilers: Asta’s Anti-Magic Causing Destruction

In the recent episode of the “Black Clover,” we will see that the fight with Lucifero continues. The series will be back in action after a break. The newest chapter, 325, will solve a lot of mysteries in the series. Fans are currently very excited for the upcoming episode.

Asta and Yuno team up in ‘Black Clover.’

At last, we will see Asta and Yuno teaming up in the upcoming episode of the series. Fans have been hoping for the team-up since the beginning of the series, but the creators have decided to add a twist to this team-up. Hence they won’t be teaming up as expected. Yuno will have to face a number of complications and choose between Asta and Yami. It will be fascinating to see how he compares them and makes his decision.

According to the spoilers, the newest chapter of the series is not very long but will answer tremendous questions that have been huge parts of the series.

Nacht and Yami combined their powers.

In the last episode, we saw Nacht and Yami combining their powers to make dark magic. It gave Yami the power to use the unique Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade. The combined attack with all such moves was enough to harm Lucifero. They further left a scar on his body.

After this incident, Lucifero recognised that it was possible for humans to kill him or to harm him; hence he threatened to finish the entire human race. He further added that he would convert all the humans into a new avatar. In the same episode, we also saw Yuno coming back to the battlefield against Lucifero. He stood beside Yami and Nacht, and the trio could really have a fatal effect on Lucifero. According to the spoilers, the dark magic used causes a lot of problems for our heroes, and things get out of control while handling it.