‘Tokyo 24th Ward’ Episode 8 Spoilers: 0th Is In Action Now

“Tokyo 24th Ward” Episode 8 will soon be on the screens. Full of mystery and suspense, this episode will be a classic and one of the most happening on the list. This episode will introduce the fans to the mysterious, highly talented, and world-renowned graffiti artist named 0th.

‘Tokyo 24th Ward’ last episode

The KANAE system assisted the department in controlling crime in the previous incident as the arrest rate soared.

In the meantime, Ran was wanted as a witness following Kunai’s attack. Koki began his career at SARG’s KANAE system section. Shuta, Koki, and Ran appeared to be at odds in this episode.

The official synopsis of the “Tokyo 24th Ward” episode 7 points towards using the KANAE system for 2 months and the Kunai attack where Ran is now required as the witness.

Shuta, on the other hand, has had a falling out with Koki and Ran. Rui, his father, has been busy taking care of the Aoi Bakery while he studies in Paris. He receives an email from Kozue attempting to create the bakery’s specialty, Golden Sunrise bread, as reported by the IBTimes.

Glimpses of episode 8

The official Episode 8 promo trailer features 0th in action in the 24th Ward. 0th’s identity is unknown, but his work impacts Ran and Kunai. They look up to him as a mentor.

Meanwhile, Asumi calls Ran, Shuta, and Koki again, and they are shown transforming into their superhuman forms. Koki and Shuta share an emotional moment in another scenario.

The trio tries to find the right path to the future as RGB faces unexpected turns. Let’s see what this modern sci-fi and mystery anime has in store for us in the upcoming episodes.

‘Tokyo 24th Ward’ episode 8 release details

The Kanae System’s revelation will bring more trouble to the Ward. What does 0th have planned as he gradually reveals his true motivations?

Episode 8 of “Tokyo 24th Ward” will be released on Wednesday. Crunchyroll and Funimation are two websites where fans may watch the anime online. The episode will be broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles live on the platforms.