‘One Piece’ Chapter 1042 Spoilers Trending On Twitter

There has been a lot of talk about the newest episode of “One Piece.” The one-piece hashtag spoiler is trending on Twitter. A lot of these spoilers are fan-made, but on the other hand, some of them also look to be true.

Bastardization of Naruto’s ‘Ninja Way’ in ‘One Piece’

According to fans, Hilarious spoilers such as the bastardization of Naruto’s “Ninja Way” to be seen in “One Piece” new episode. However, we can confirm that these are completely fake spoilers, and they don’t have anything to do with the upcoming episode. To make things clearer, it is just an exaggeration of the facts.

Even the concepts such as wings of Skypieans being detachable seem to be complete nonsense. On the other hand, the creators have made it quite prominent that the episode will have some new twists and turns, which will boost up the series.

Here are some of the Spoilers

To begin with the spoilers, we can confirm that the episode will begin on a peaceful note in which we will see Luffy saying that he’ll be fighting Kaido. The statement can be huge, and things can change due to this fight. Luffy declares that it is his “pirate way,” and he will fight even till death. People are thereby saying that it is a complete bastardization of The Ninja way concept.

Kaido’s awakening will also be seen in the episode. In the entire process, he also claims that his body has become bigger, and there are chances that we will see scales coming out from his body. Based on what’s said on Zoan Awakening, the size remains unaffected. According to the spoilers, the two will finish the fight in one shot only which is something we can’t be sure of. Kaido’s final move will be named “Rocks the End.” The name is basically given in honor of his previous captain.