‘In The Land Of Leadale’ Episode 9 Spoilers

The newest episode of In “The Land Of Leadale” will be out very soon. The episode is named “A Revisit, Mermaids, a Misunderstanding, and Zombies”, and as the name suggests, this episode will be something very remarkable for the fans to witness.

Trailer out for the new episode of ‘In The Land Of Leadale’

In the starting scene of the episode, we will see Cayna struggling very hard with a headache. On the other hand, she hears some song that seems to be coming from a well. We see how she struggles to get to the source of the music. For getting down to the bottom, she summons a beast. On the other hand, she also dives with the beast inside the well. In the newest episode of “In The Land Of Leadale”, we will see Cayna exploring all about the mysterious limestone cave.

Fans are very interested in knowing what she will find in that mysterious cave. The episode will also give us more information about the events which were seen in the last episode. In the previous episode, we saw Lopus conducting an experiment that eventually failed, and he created a monster penguin. This monster penguin started to destroy the entire City of Felskeilo.

Li’l Fairy Informed Cayna that she must return.

Li’l Fairy informed Cayna on her way that she must get back home. On the other hand, Cayna told Mye and Lonti about the information after listening to this. Further, after listening to all this, she summoned the Therwolf.

Back in the City of Felskeilo, Shining Saber also instructed his soldiers to help the citizens evacuate the City to save them. He wants to secure the entire City while fighting with the giant monster. According to the data, more than 200 players at the level of 300 will be needed to beat the beast.