‘Tokyo 24th Ward’ Episode 7 Spoilers: Koki Learns About Asumi’s Truth And The KANAE System

“Tokyo 24th Ward” is a trending anime TV series that focuses on Ran, who discovers herself at risk. The anime has an Island in the Eastern Special Administrative Region named 24th Ward.

There are three best friends: Ran, Kouki, and Shuuta, as inhabitants of 24th Ward. They get a phone call that demands them to choose the future. The three then decide to protect the 24th ward with the people living on it. The main cast of “Tokyo 24th Ward” includes Junya Enoki as Aoi Shuuta, Yuma Uchida as Ran, and Kaito as Kouki.

‘Tokyo 24th Ward’: Flashback of the Previous Episode

In the previous episode of the sequence, after following the orders of Koki, Kunai gets shot when he stops the terrorist attack. The fans of this show must have noticed SARG going after Ran to query her. He wanted to question her regarding the actions of Kunai. However, he didn’t succeed as the members of DoRed assisted her in fleeing.

Kunai aimed the ship of Howard for the app he made. This got broadcasted on television. After watching this, Mayor Gori leads Ko to the warehouse radio tower. Meanwhile, Gori reveals that the system’s core is the mind of Asumi. Her brain was preserved after demise to use it for some operations.

Release Date

“Tokyo 24th Ward ” Episode 7 will be released by 23rd February 2022 online on various platforms. This upcoming episode will be thrilling to attract the entire fan community.

Spoiler Alert

This will be an exhilarating episode of the sequence because it will reveal the risks Ran would go through. The trailer shows that Koki will search for the truth behind Kunai and Ran’s relationship. Koki also learns about Asumi’s truth and the KANAE system. He can’t believe what his father, Gori, did to fulfill his goal of creating a perfect world. His father used his sister’s brain to power the KANAE System. This system can store large amounts of data.

Watch it online today

The Japanese sequence will live stream in the Japanese language, but you can also watch it in English with subtitles on Crunchyroll and Funimation.