‘Dr. Stone’ Season 2: Spoilers: Senku Ishigami will be seen again

‘Dr. Stone’ is coming back with a lot of twists and turns. If you have been a fan of the show and are looking for more, then season two is almost here. Here in this article, we have some of the best spoilers from this Japanese anime series.

‘Dr. Stone’ Season 2 Is Gaining Popularity

The second season of “Dr Stone” is going to be out very soon, and there have been talks about the new twists in the upcoming season. The Japanese manga was broadcasted in 2019. A South Korean artist known as Riichiro Inagaki created the show. The entire story revolves around Senku, who is a character looking to change the whole of human progress. The humans are finding it very hard to go through the process of evolution, and ‘Dr. Stone’ is trying to change things.

This series was broadcasted on Toonami for the first time. With a great fan base and fantastic storyline, fans have always appreciated the series. The first season came out early, on July 5, 2019. Before the end of the first season, a special revelation was made, which actually gave the fans the suspense story they were looking for. As per data, the series will start from where season 1 ended.

New Storyline for Dr Stone Season 2

We will see a kid named Taiju Oki who has a geeky science-cherishing companion. Senku Ishigami will be seen again in the series. He will also admit his affection for her childhood crush. The news season of the series will be out on Netflix anytime soon. We will see Senku and Taija having a lot of fun in the series. The creators have promised the fans an exciting storyline in the second season, and hence things are going to get interesting.