Teenagers Arrested After Man And His Son Were Killed In Driveway Of Central Texas Home.

Both the teen suspects aged 19 are charged with the capital murder of quite a few people in Texas.

Notorious Killing

Law enforcement officers have arrested 2 notorious teenagers after 2 people, a man and his young son were found murdered in the driveway of their Central Texas home last weekend, either on the 14th or the 15th of January.

The teenagers named Kyler Nathaniel Allen and Jordan Eric Ostrander were taken away by the police officers on the 16th of January and accused of murdering 2 innocent people. The boys are accused of shooting Preston Wessling, 38, and his son, Evan, 14, at their very own house in a city near Buchanan Lake. Multiple gunshots were heard, upon which a caller contacted the LCSO deputies who had immediately come to the scene of the crime. However, the Wesslings were already dead by the time the officers could reach them.

They were killed before 5 in the morning. At around 1 AM, the deputies reportedly received a call for gunshot firing. They are now investigating if both these instances are related to one another. No real motive of the killer has been found out as of yet. The officers said that the two suspects were taken into questioning by the DPS troopers and Texas Rangers. After details of the victims came out, it was found that Evan Wessling was a fresher at Burnet High School.

The District Comes Together

The Brooklyn Centre for Independence of the Disable, Inc. released a statement on Sunday where they told every parent that the District has now become aware of Evan Wessling’s death which is deeply tragic for his family members were also members of the BCISD school community for quite a few years now. They said that they are encouraging everyone to be sensitive to the grief many people are experiencing and urged them to communicate freely about their feelings of shock and loss.

Additional counsellors, they said, would be available for all and every student as well as staff at the Burnet High School on Monday, the 16th of January and counselling would be given at all the BCISD campuses throughout. They ended the statement by saying that no further information would be given regarding the sudden passing away of his and the agony that the family bearing except for details about his memorial service and any addition therein.

The young boy and his father’s horrifying death shook the city, Howard Wessling, Preston’s father and Evan’s grandfather said how lethal and uncanny this is since crimes like these rarely happen in their rural neighbourhood. He also said that his son was a really gentle and loving father and Evan was the most sincere kid he has ever seen. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for everyone who could come for the memorial and this in itself was something he could feel a little better about.