Crimes Of Lee Ray Boykin Jr, Former Texas State Trooper

On the 13th of January, 2023, lawyers in the district court announced that former Texas trooper with the name Lee Ray Boykin Jr. had assaulted two women back in 2020 and thus was being charged with the crime.

Shameful And Ghastly

The trial went on for four long and tiring days and the Houston jury found him guilty on this charge. The 33 year old trooper had misbehaved with two women while on duty as an officer from the Texas Department of Public Safety trooper. Shameful and worth condemning. He was charged with the crime of physically molesting the two women and refusing them their integrity and respect. He made wrong use of his position and the strength that comes with it and ordered the 2 women to do sexual acts as he threatened to arrest them and put them behind bars, if they disagreed or showed their abhorrence.

Along with such a heinous crime, he was also accused of carrying as well as using a firearm while he was present during a crime of violence, destruction of property or even presenting false records during an intensive investigation. The man was convicted by a Houston jury who openly said that he had stalked those 2 women and used them for his own satisfaction while working for something so esteemed and respectful.

One of the U.S. Attorneys said that his office is utterly concerned with ensuring that every person gets to live his own civil rights. He said he relies on the police officers to protect the civilians each and every day but to have an officer like this who uses his victims for his own filthy satisfactions, is nothing short of a shame. He completed his statement by saying that he is indeed happy that the jury took such a decision.

Final Sentencing

Back in 2020, he had forced one of his victims to get inside his car and had driven her to a remote area in a hotel parking lot at the 10700 North Freeway. The officer then asked her to perform sexual acts on him and threatened her to put her inside the prison falsifying her of being a prostitute and working out of the state in case she denied listening to him.

The second victim accused him of the same crime, the only difference being that he had told her he would put her behind the bars for outstanding traffic warrants if she refused to please him. The officer was finally charged in August of 2020 by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office when the second victim called Houston police and reported this incident.

The officer who had been working for the State for over 4 years now, was finally detained. He could now be sentenced to life in prison after his sentencing on the 4th o April, 2023 for he is suspected to have a lot more victims, those who are too afraid to come out and speak against him.