Texan Mother, 28, Killed By Female Driver Right Outside Her House

A mother of five children was recently killed as she was run over by another woman who was driving her car. The victim was helping her daughter speak out as a few other bullied her right in the middle of the street.

Acts of Disbelief

The victim named Ashley Lopez was actually in the middle of a heated discussion that had at least 25 people in the group. This incident took place on the 11th of January, 2023, Thursday. Another mother named Pennie Gomez who is 36 years old, was involved in this entire argument and in the middle of it, in a state of frenzy, got into a silver Hyundai Sonata and purposely drove towards the victim and another woman she was fighting with.

This brings out the question of how fatal rage can be. Getting agitated or even annoyed to an extent because of mistakes that others make is quite natural. However, acting upon it to such intensity that the rage takes over you and ruins someone else’s life is unacceptable.

What happened next proves this point in all fairness. When someone in the crowd saw Lopez under Gomez’s car and ran immediately to help her, Gomez drove off in a hurry which made Lopez, still stuck under Gomez’s car drag along the car while she was in massive pain and discomfort. Eyewitnesses had thankfully captured this entire incident, gruesome and ghastly, on their cameras and they returned to the scene of the crime when the police came over there in order to explain to them what had gone down and to show them the proof of the wrongdoings of Mrs. Gomez.

Twists and Turns

Lopez’s mother named Ana Blanco, spoke on the 15th of January and asked, with tears in her eyes why would anybody do something of this sort to any other person. Anger issues can be managed by various techniques, none of which includes taking a person’s life. What’s done is unbelievably hurtful. The victim was a mere 28-year-old woman with 5 kids who looked up to her. She was defending her daughter from bullies who had shown up at their door. Such an obedient, young, and responsible woman who stood by her kids, was taken away by another woman for nothing more than a petty rivalry.

A twist has come in this case where it’s found out that Gomez’s daughter was in fact living with Lopez during this time but Lopez’s mother and her sister-in-law confirmed that there was no bad blood between them. Gomez has now been arrested and charged with assault as well as murder. She was already wanted before for keeping drugs. When interrogated about this, Gomez asked for her lawyer and the investigation is still going on.

Lopez’s family is organizing her funeral and is waiting for the hearing at the court where they could get an answer about why was Lopez killed by Gomez in such a terrifying manner.