Man From Texas Confesses On Being Guilty To Role In $1.6M Romance Scam

A man from Texas has admitted to being guilty of a mischievous crime in which there was a romance scam fooling thousands of women.

Mischief and Money

The amount of money he garnered was over about $1.6 million while pretending to be one of the U.S. Army generals. Fola Alabi also known as Folayemi Alabi, a 52-year-old man confessed to being guilty in the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island last weekend to conspiring and laundering money.

According to the prosecutors, this man posed as a U.S. General who was posted overseas. He tries being friends with women online, gaining their trust over time by either pretending to be interested in them romantically or just a good company.

The women he would target would often be in their 70s or 80s. They would be widowed or even divorced. These women were then very politely and lovingly asked to send money and cheques to the same addresses and organizations that were controlled by Alabi whose residence is in Richmond, Texas, near Houston.

Right after this, the money was then quickly deposited into bank accounts that were controlled by him and as soon as money was sent, he would withdraw them almost immediately. This scam looted women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and gave the culprit a life of luxury and snob.

Guilt And Shame

Law enforcement officers who went through Alabi’s mobile phone found pictures and clips of delivery boxes containing large amounts of cash that he had received from the victims, the lone women who were looking for some company, some respite from their monotony.

To cheat on someone while being in a relationship with them is bad enough but to cheat them with your entire existence, the sole beginning of your humanity, to cut them off of their savings, and to stir their hearts so badly that they can never trust again is unfathomable.

As it turns out, his victims, the women weren’t from only the area. It was a hoard of them ranging from the North of America to the southernmost arenas. They were spread out diversely in North Carolina, West Virginia, Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, and so on and so forth. A woman from Arizona reportedly lost around $334,000 according to court documents. She was ashamed and guilty while admitting to being a fool in love, or at least that’s what she thought it was. She said she didn’t have any money left in order to pay for food or even to pay the meager bills for her home and electricity.

A woman from Rhode Island had already sent a cheque of $60,000 and was on the verge of sending some more but thankfully enough her bank had figured out something was a little out of place and that she might just be getting targeted by a fraudster of sorts. The bank had, as a matter of fact, put a hold on her account and contacted the police in the local area. As of now, the culprit has been put behind bars and his sentencing is set for the 25th of April.