Arrest Regarding Massive Amounts Of Robberies Happening with South Asian Residents

Police reports have confirmed that three people have been arrested as of now concerning the eight cases in Plano and seven cases in the DFW metroplex back in 2022.

Derogatory Perception

Back in 2022, Plano city witnessed a pretty huge spree of housebreaking and theft that targeted only South Indian residents. The investigation has been taking rounds and detectives have now figured out that the method of carrying out the crime was very similar each time.

After more than a year, three people have finally been arrested for participating in a crime that was merciless pre-planned in a large group consisting of a lot of people. The criminals would forcibly open the doors of the apartments that they used to hunt down. The Plano Police Department has been working back and forth in order to fetch the details.

The three people arrested in this incident were Columbians according to police reports. Their names of them are Jose Gonzalez, Libardo Soto, and Melba Gaitan. They are majorly involved in eight very disturbing cases in Plano and seven similar ones in the DFW metroplex in 2022. The detectives had to run a pretty wide operation in order to catch hold of them.

They had widened their search to nearby cities and states where the exact same methods were used in order to catch the criminal masterminds. They had been tracked across four states: Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. The reason for their being caught was the fact that their method of committing the crime was the very same, breaking open a door that belonged specifically to the South Asian residents.

Moment Of Truth

The head of the Indian Association in North Texas, named Dinesh Hooda said that he’s satisfied now that people have been arrested finally on the 17th of January, 2023. He added that South Asians were targeted more so because they wear a lot of jewelry and keep cash with them.

With the assistance of a lot of federal agencies, the police had arrested three suspects and now the crime would swoop down. Two teams of detectives have gone down to Houston, Texas, and Orlando as well as Florida to arrest the suspects who were caught as being solely responsible for theft and robberies targeting the Indian community.

Plano police department has been working tirelessly with the Indian community in order to make sure the tension and threat go away once and for all. The crime ring was ultimately caught. However, Hooda believes that there are plenty of others who still pose a problem to the community.

He added that everyone needs to be careful, safe, and protect their property. For the last 10 years or more, the South Asian community has been targeted constantly and has been a victim of various crime sprees. The members of the community have often discussed educating people about perceiving how they are and breaking the stereotypes that exist concerning them. They’ve also talked about being all the more aware now about their own environment so as to avoid mishaps like these altogether.