Man Admits To Killing His Ex Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend

The alleged killer who goes by the name Eric LaMountain has been caught by the police after what resulted in a bizarre murder for something not even remotely worth the crime.

Tragic Loss

Eric’s ex-girlfriend, whose name isn’t brought to the public as of now, reportedly told the police that he sent her pictures of a gun and the screenshot of a ride-sharing application that clearly showed that he was going to Gavin Wood’s home.

The Texan man confessed to shooting Gavin after a notorious fight over a woman. The murderer, a 35-year-old man is accused of first-degree murder for killing a 37-year-old man because he started dating his ex-girlfriend.

As natural as it is to get hurt or even feel inexplicably insecure after your girlfriend cheats on you, admits to having an affair, and breaks up with you but to go ahead and kill someone for something like this is unbelievable and intolerable.

The incident happened on the 10th of January at midnight, 3 AM along S. Meadows Drive in a North Austin neighborhood. When officers arrived at the scene of a crime, they found Gavin on a sidewalk with multiple gunshot bruises. He was pronounced dead at 3:56 a.m.

Unnerving Crime

Officers said that Eric left immediately after shooting Gavin but thankfully was arrested within an hour while he was at his own home along South Interstate 35. He had a gun with him while he was arrested. His ex-girlfriend told the police that he found out about her relationship with Gavin by the end of December through a location-sharing app. She had broken up with Eric by the 8th of January.

According to the documents presented in the court, on the morning of the murder, the woman got a text from Eric that read “I told you what I would do if you ever cheated on me and I still have his address.”

Eric’s ex-girlfriend told the police that she asked if Eric was going to kill her and he had replied that he wouldn’t kill her. He then sent her pictures of a gun and a screenshot of a ride-sharing app showing he was on his way to Gavin’s house. She also told the officers that she had warned Gavin but he didn’t quite think that Eric could do something like this. While the woman was on her way home, Eric called her and said he had shot and killed Gavin.

Eric told the police that he dressed in all black and took a rideshare to Gavin’s house. Eric also told the officers that Gavin was standing in the front yard and he hit him in the head with a gun as Gavin tried to run away from the scene, Eric pulled the trigger and fired multiple shots at him until his gun was out of bullets. He fled the scene after this. His hearing is now set for the 3rd of February and he’s still in jail as of now.