Federal Government Refuses To Seek Death Penalty Against Gunman

The feds have intensely avoided putting forth the death penalty under the leadership of Joe Biden.

Horrifying Caricatures

This case includes a man who was charged with murdering 23 people back in 2019 at an El Paso Walmart. Prosecutors had announced in the court of law that The USA wants to let the court and the defendant named Patrick Wood Crusius know that the Government won’t seek the death penalty at least as of now under the presidential rule of Joe Biden.

The case has been untouched and will continue to remain so specifically after the new Attorney General Merrick Garland took over his new post at office in 2021. Merrick and the President have spoken in utter opposition regarding the death penalty and had inflicted a prohibition, a ban on its use which had subsequently led to a halt in a massive number of proceedings.

Patrick Crusius aged 24 was accused and charged with 23 total counts of crime which included attempts of murder, violence, hate speech, using a shotgun, use of firearms, verbal accusations, derogatory language and murder itself. However, death penalty was bizarrely thrown off the table and so the maximum charge he faces is life in prison.

The public is really unhappy with how the case was handled and the result of his actions being such a minor punishment. A huge number of eyebrows have been raised and questions have been asked in regards to this incident but not a single one has been answered by any of the law enforcement officers working under the President.

Pitted Against Each Other

He had evidently killed 23 people and hurt 22 other people as well during a gruesome attack back in the 3rd of August, 2019 on the Cielo Vista Walmart. The criminal had posted a lengthy discourse on a website which spoke about white supremacy and anger related to the invasion of Hispanic people.

The trial for his sentencing is now scheduled for January 2024 while he faces 23 charges for murder in the state court itself. This could very well put out a fiery death penalty but no date has been set for its trial which is surprising and sad at the same time.

Even though the legal team and the law enforcement hasn’t charged him with the death penalty since Joe Biden and Garland started office, a final decision has been taken that the department of justice might go on to actually pursue death penalties in terror attacks. This is regarding an attack that had taken place back in 2017 when Sayfullo Saipov had killed 8 people and bruised more than 10 by thrashing a pickup truck into a massive crowd in the New York City bike path.

The department of justice working under Trump had sought the death penalty of Saipov who was an Uzbekistan immigrant and was accused by the prosecutors to have wanted to exceed the goals of the Islamic state. Donald Trump’s actions were put to show against Joe Biden’s, with many accusing Joe of being unfair and unjust while many proclaiming that it was Trump who was extreme with his processes.