Eleven Year Old Boy From Texas Shot By A Teenage Girl Who Was Actually Aiming For Another Boy

An 11 year old boy named D’Evan McFall was shot by a teenage girl in a parking lot. This incident happened in a South Dallas apartment complex on Sunday afternoon, the 15th of January, 2023.

Act Of Callousness

The 14 year old girl has been accused and held on charges of killing an 11 year old boy who she admits was a grave mistake for she was aiming to fire the gun on another individual, both acts being a grave, unnerving incident for an underage weapon user. This incident is not only surprising but dangerous as well.

This entire tragic accident took place at the Southern Oaks apartment complex in the n East Oak Cliff on Sunday when the girl whose name hasn’t been named yet had fired a gun during an intense disagreement towards another fellow but it had in turn hit the victim, D’Evan McFall and he had to suffer until he couldn’t anymore.

McFall was immediately rushed to a hospital in the area where he died on the afternoon of Sunday itself. The poor boy had to endure something so terrible and absurd for no fault of his own but for the very fact that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Struggling with life and death, he finally stopped breathing and passed away a merciless death in the hands of a girl who hadn’t even planned on killing him in the first place.

The girl who had pulled the trigger had apparently run away from the scene of the crime but was later caught by the police when they heard reports about a shooting taking place at around 14:00.

What Comes Next

The shooter has been now charged with murder and is serving her time in the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Centre.

The weapon was recovered from the scene of the crime when the investigation was going on. The victim’s mother is still under tremendous shock and admits she would neve forget this tragedy for this has ruined her life. She spoke about her innocent little son and said he didn’t deserve to die. She also added that this young generation should think before doing things because everyone gets hurt in the end, not just the victim and their family.

Her mother also said that he was young and exceptionally skilled with a very bright future ahead of him. He was part of the basketball as well as the football team who had all reached out to him and wanted him to be a part of it for he was very naturally gifted. She sobbed and wept as his grandmother, Lois Williams said how she won’t ever get to see his smile.

Police is still investigation the entire matter and things will hopefully start falling into place. As far as the victim and his family is concerned, it’s a huge loss to see your own child pass away infront of your eyes. We can only imagine what his mother would be going through.