The Suspicious Double Life And Subsequent Murder Of Officer Julian Pesina

A Balcones Heights police officer who had connections with a Texas Mexican Mafia was killed in a horrifying manner in a San Antonio tattoo shop.

Theatrical Living

As it turned out, it was a theatrical murder while two men who had shotguns on them as well as a pistol came in a white car and started firing. This wasn’t a subtle murder but apparently, the man covering up his tattoos was a police officer.

Julian has been living a lie, two very different lives completely different from each other which ultimately led to his death. Julian had said he was a Texas Mexican Mafia member but he hadn’t reported to his mafia in over 5 years now.

Julian owed a $6,000 fine which was collected as long as he was reporting to the gang majorly governed by  Jerry Idrogo and Ruben Reyes and selling drugs to all the members therein. During one of these drug deals, Julian was actually outed as a police officer. This was when the gang leaders started following Julian and keeping a track of him.

However, it wasn’t just the gang leaders but also Julian’s colleagues in his job as a police officer. A few members of his police job had shown concern over this and passed on information to the police chief who had denied the proceedings but the FBI was still looking over this matter.

Ambushed In Plain Sight

They had actually set up secret cameras in order to watch all of his moves. The FBI was in fact planning on arresting him and putting him behind bars. 4 people were charged with his murder. Jerry, one of the gang leaders was the one driving the white car that had planned the entire crime.

After the murder, he had run away from the scene and was arrested in Ohio. When he was finally caught, he agreed on spitting out the truth about each one of the members involved in the crime. He also confessed to killing another member who goes by the name of Billy Padilla because he couldn’t return the drug money.

Jerry Idrogo’s co-members, Jesse Santibanez and Alfredo Cardona were charged with murder because they had used firearms on someone back in 2017. These two had trapped and pounced upon Julian outside of his tattoo store. It was thankfully captured on the CCTV cameras put out front and shown as a piece of solid evidence in the courtroom.

After the shooting took place, the two members went to Alfred Cardona’s girlfriend’s flat to change their clothes and clean the gun they had shot from. Court records have clearly shown that they had been observing Julian for quite a while now and had dug a hole to bury his body in. After everything was proven to be true, both members were sentenced to life in prison. The gang they used to work for, has been active for a very long time. It’s a generational gang as proven by evidence but has maintained a low profile now.