Man Arrested After Grabbing Ex-Girlfriend’s Hair, Throws Her into Pickup During Kidnapping

A San Antonio man was arrested for holding his ex-girlfriend captive while brandishing a pistol.

Details of the Report

The 42-year-old David Westbrook was also accused of using an illegal firearm and using drugs.

Around 12:30 p.m., the event took place. On Sunday, along Caddo, on the Southwest Side, close to Palo Alto Road and Interstate 35.

The arrest report said that a woman and her ex-boyfriend were walking when Westbrook came up and started yelling at them both. 

What the Authorities Say

According to the police report, Westbrook eventually produced a revolver, aimed it at them both, grabbed the lady by the hair, threw her into a pickup truck, and then sped off.

Both the man and the victim’s mother provided the police with statements.

Westbrook has been remanded in custody on two $115,000 bonds.


The most frequent type of assault and battery charge is simple assault, which includes actions like punching, shoving, grasping, slapping, spitting, scratching, and hair-pulling.

If someone is accused of simple assault, they should be prepared to pay heavy penalties and spend up to five years in jail. 

A simple assault case can be brought against someone even if they do not physically contact the victim; it can even result from bullying or threatening behavior. A charge should be brought against someone who causes them to fear for their safety or even for their lives.

Simple assaults are considered misdemeanors and are prohibited in order to save others from harm.

A simple assault accusation may result from deliberate, negligent, or even reckless conduct that injures another person physically. 

The most frequent simple attack frequently involves losing control during a disagreement and hitting the other person.

If an attempt to attack someone forcefully is unsuccessful in hurting them, they may be charged with simple assault. They will be held accountable for their actions; the absence of any harm will not be taken into account.

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This may occur if someone lunges at someone while holding a knife with the intention of stabbing them. They might be prosecuted for simple assault even if they jumped out of the path and they missed.