Kanye West Claims to Release American Prisoners in Foreign Countries

Rapper Kanye West has reportedly sought to free all the American citizens stuck in foreign prisons following the release of women NBA player Brittney Griner from a Russian prison. It has been observed that the musician has some serious intentions to get involved in social activism after gaining immense criticism over his anti-semitic thoughts.

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As per the sources, West is trying to show his love for the country and its people. West has asserted that he wants the USA America to be an authoritarian country among the others as it is at the moment.

Brittney Griner gets released from the Russian prison

Brittney Griner,  the NBA star, was prisoned in February in Russia with drug charges. She was caught carrying multiple vape cartridges at the airport in Russia. The cartridges were filled with cannabis oil. She was jailed for 294 days, matches 10 months.

Brittney Griner
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According to BET, Griner was released from prison on Thursday,  December  8, after a remarkable step by the US and Russian governments. Both nations followed a swap method amongst them to release their citizens who were jailed in each others’ countries.

Griner was released after 10 months of imprisonment with the condition that the US government release the Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout who was jailed in the USA and was serving his 25 years long imprisonment. Rapper Kanye West got encouraged by the release of the WNBL player and wants other Americans who are jailed in foreign countries to be free.

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Kanye West wants to free the Americans prisoned abroad

Kanye West has been taking initiatives to reform the social condition in the USA. He has declared about building homes for the homeless people in the country. Along with that, West intends to approach the authorities of the USA and other countries to prison exchange and release the Americans who are imprisoned in other countries.

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Kanye West states that he would have sat and talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the release of WNBL player Brittney Griner. As per the reports, West signed a document for the discussion with Putin.