‘Orient’: Episode 10 Spoiler Alert: Shiro Unveils His Breathtaking Powers

“Orient” the trending Japanese manga series is about a boy, Musashi, and his mission to become a samurai one day to overthrow a mysterious race of supernatural creatures, Oni, with his special powers. In the previous nine episodes, viewers have seen the character development of Musashi while pursuing his mission. This episode will unveil the breathtaking power of Shiro Inukai.

‘Orient’: The Thrilling Next Episode 10

The upcoming thrilling episode of “Orient” is titled “The Goddess’s Power”. In the previous episode, the viewers learn more about Musashi and his steadfastness to pursue his mission. He struggles to fulfill the promise he made his friend, Kojiro, about the Bushi band formation. This episode is all about the courageous attempt of Musashi, Kojiro, and Tsugumi to save themselves from Shiro.

Quick Recap of ‘Orient’ Episode 9

Kojiro wanted to see a dead Kishin. When Kojiro and Tusgum went to see that, they found that Kashin was not killed, as when a Kishin died, it changed into Kitetsu.
Therefore, When the Kashin was about to be slain, Musashi appeared to stop that. He put his life in trouble. This episode created the scenario to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats to know what Musashi will do now.

About ‘Orient’ Episode 10

According to IBTimes this episode, the viewers will witness a great fighting scene. The mighty Nanao Inusaka has a unique sword whose handle changes into seven blades. Therefore, Nanao Inusaka has the power to kill three people in one attack.
The protagonist, Musashi, and his friends Kojiro and Tsugumi will struggle in the fighting ground with Nanao to save their life. Kojiro will manage to make a cunning strategy to counterattack and defeat Nanao.

Then they all will have to fight with Shiro Inukai. Shiro has mind-blowing powers. He has an enchanting ability to displace locations in space to use them according to his will and desire.

‘Orient’ Episode 10 When to Watch

The electrifying episode 10 of “Orient” will be on-air this Wednesday on the official platforms.