‘Platinum End’ Episode 21 Spoiler Alert: Get Ready For The Confrontation

“Platinum End” Episode 21 synopsis is released by the official website. This has increased the excitement among the fans about the confrontation and the likely turn of events in the story. There are lots of questions revolving around Mirai and Yoneda.

‘Platinum End’ last episode

In the last episode, Susumu was shot by a sniper and began to plummet. Mirai lunged at him, but Yoneda appeared in the middle and caught him.

Unfortunately, Susumu was too far gone to be saved, and Yoneda grabbed his arrows and wings. Yoneda later informed all the God candidates that Susumu had passed away.

After that, Yoneda suggested that they resume their conversation. This is when they all have heard the world’s reaction to the entire God-selection procedure.

The synopsis as shared by Crunchyroll about episode 20 suggests that this was the first meeting of the God candidates that ended in the worst possible manner. The division of the candidates into groups led by Mirai and Yoneda will bring a big change in the story.

The story continues where disaster strikes heaven and the time limit is approaching.

‘Platinum End’ episode 21 brief

Yoneda is eager to take the lead. He notifies Mirai and the other God aspirants of the ultimate confrontation’s date and location through the press, as confirmed by the IBTimes.

In the meantime, Mirai and Saki spend some time alone to figure out what they want to do. The last showdown between the God candidates will be seen in “Platinum End” Episode 21. So what war strategy has Yoneda devised?

This episode is rightly titled “The Time for Talk.”

‘Platinum End’ episode 21 release details

On Thursday, fans may watch “Platinum End” Episode 21 on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. The episode will be broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles live on the internet. The release date for “Platinum End” Episode 21 is Thursday, March 3, 2022.

At 06:28 PM JST, “Platinum End” Episode 21 will be a webcast. Unfortunately, the viewers still have to wait for a day to reveal the ultimate confrontation, and the story takes a turn.