Top 3 Magnificent Tulip Farms To Visit In Texas, including Poston Gardens

We have some of the most spectacular vistas and foliage in the world–including some stunning Texas tulip fields!

These Texas tulip fields are for you if you’re seeking lovely tulip farms, as well as a place where you can choose your own tulips!

Magnificent Tulip Farms To Visit In Texas

Sweet Berry Farm, Marble Falls

Somewhere outside of Austin, Texas, Sweet Berry Farm offers a taste of farm life. Pick your own harvest basket and find your way throughout their fields of varied branches and flowers when you arrive. On the weekend, go for a pony ride, and don’t forget to stop for an ice cream cone or a strawberry popsicle before heading home. Check out their website for more information on upcoming events and rates throughout the season! Sweet Berry Farm has seasonal attractions all year, from strawberry picking to pumpkin patches, so even once Texas tulip season is past, it’s worth bookmarking their page!

Texas Tulips, Pilot Point

If you are in the North Texas area this spring and want to see tulips, a visit to the iconic Texas Tulips is a must! There are various plots available for you to enjoy as one of Texas’ greatest tulip farms. After you’ve entered, grab a basket and start making your own stunning bouquet.

After that, the farm staff will wrap and box your flowers for travel safety so you may have your little arrangements at home, at work, or wherever you like! If you have children that enjoy exploring, be sure to take them to the farm’s own hay labyrinth. The entrance cost to Texas Tulips is $5, with additional payments based on the stems and arrangements you choose.

Poston Gardens, Waxahachie

Poston Gardens in Waxahachie, Texas is hosting its annual “Tulipalooza” celebration.

Poston Gardens, which has a history dating back to the Dutch era, conducts a variety of activities that are unique to Ellis County. As you travel among their several plots, full of brilliant and fresh tulips, capture some picture-perfect moments. Apart from the quarter-million stems, Poston Gardens offers live music and a variety of food trucks. Poston Gardens values its work for the community as one of Texas’ largest tulip farms. All earnings from their “Tulipalooza” benefit numerous charities and organizations!