The New ‘Stranger Things’ Poster Hints About The Upcoming Seasons Story

Netflix recently released the new poster of “Stranger Things”, and they have a lot of clues for the “Stranger Things” fans to guess what’s coming in the new season. They recently released the first poster of season 4, and viewers saw Hopper outside the snow-filled jail facility with the usual red light glowing all over the place in the poster.

The poster read, ‘Every ending has a beginning’

Stranger Things has always been great in providing their fans marvelous surprises. According to the recent poster, one can conclude the fact that the series will focus a lot on Hopper’s time in the Russian Jail.

The trailer released in 2019 also indicated something as such. People also saw the special room No.11 where Millie Bobby Brown played Eleven’s role, spent all her time growing up. It was seen that a lot of children were playing in the room, and it seems like more experiments like that done on Millie Bobby Brown were being conducted on those kids.

The special quote, “Every ending has a beginning”, could mean that the viewers will get a lot more information about the mirror world called the “Upside Down”. Not only will they get to know it, but possibly their favorite characters will be seen in the world on a special mission.

The fourth season was postponed.

The upcoming stranger things season was expected to be released early in 2020. People have been excited to see what happens next in the story, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the producers decided to postpone the release of the series. All the actors of the series have been talking a lot about the story, but not much of the plot is out amazingly. With the release of the new poster, people are excited again about Stranger Things.

According to the sources, the newest 4th season will be released in the summer. The show’s creators have promised that the audience will get amazing content in the new season. With the view of a snow-covered factory in the first poster, we all are excited to see what’s inside the newest chapter of stranger things.