February 20, 2022: Astrological Predictions For Scorpio, Leo And Other Zodiac Signs

Today at Scorpio HQ, it’s all about romance and other psychoactive substances. Your significant other may be demonstrating how much you mean to them through their behavior and words. But wait, there’s more! It appears that they want to be as liberal with their presents as they are when their comment, reports Vogue.

credit – timesnow.com


In the Aries HQ, it was all about passion and other psychoactive drugs (surprise, surprise!). You and your partner are learning to leave things where it belongs: in the past and to focus on the wonder that this moment has to offer.


Taurus, they’re not being truthful with you. What they’re indicating is not the same as what they’re saying to you. Make a mental note of yourself. You’ll always be able to tell if their actions correspond to their statements. It’s possible that you’re the one that avoids revealing the facts as well.


There was a moment when you were hesitant to reveal your genuine self. There had been a time when you found great solace in lurking in the shadows of others. The new you, on the other hand, isn’t interested in keeping things tidy.


You could accomplish everything by yourself, but what fun would that be? Today, you’re being urged to seek guidance from your soul crew on a variety of topics, including personal, professional, and spiritual matters.


If you’re concerned about being exposed, consider booking a staycation instead. PS: Don’t allow the fact that you’re single to stop you from organizing a vacation you’ll never forget.


Loneliness has the effect of making us do things that we may later regret. Would you really like to send that poisonous ex a text message? Or the buddy who made it very apparent this is a relationship built on need? Keep in mind all of the things that probably didn’t go as planned.


Libra, your inner kid is aching. As a result, just became a participant in the unresolved trauma that’s surfacing. Maybe it’s definitely time to let go of the old tale.


In the Scorpio headquarters, it’s all about romance and other narcotics. Your significant other may be demonstrating how much they value you through their behaviors and words.


The universal fact is that everyone’s heart has been shattered at some time in their lives. Should this prevent us from charming our way into another’s life or inviting a possible partner out to dinner?


In every relationship, you can’t be the giver. You can’t possibly be someone who goes above and beyond to rescue the day. Have faith in your partner’s (or friend’s) willingness to meet you midway.


Aquarius, here’s a weekly reminder: That’s the love you’ve been longing for. This is the affection you’ve been expressing for quite some time. So stop sabotaging yourself and start receiving what was always yours.


In Pisces HQ, it’s all about mindfulness and awareness. You’re in the trying to hear your favorite zen music and dance to the beat of the universe. If the motion isn’t your thing, try writing your ideas or splattering colors on the canvas.