‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 81: Goku Seen Fighting Gas

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super will be named “Goku’s Conflict”. The viewers will get to see Goku fighting Gas. Here we have spoilers for you regarding the newest Chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is to be out soon.

The newest episode of Dragon Ball Super is not very far. We have the best spoilers for you that can boost up your hormones even before you watch the episode. In the last chapter, we saw a new Berserk form of Gas which actually gave him control of his powers. The situations in the battle arena became very troublesome, and things didn’t seem to work out for our heroes.

Granola is going to face hard situations, and according to the events, it is not going to be easy for him to defeat the Gas. All of us are excited to see how Goku and Vegeta will eventually help Granola to fight against Gas. But as we know, Dragon Ball Super writers are never behind in giving surprises. Hence be ready for the surprise as according to the sources in Chapter 81 of Dragon Ball Super, Granola gets defeated by Gas.

Fans are excited to see Goku fighting Gas.

The fans have been waiting to see Goku fighting Gas since the start of the season. According to recent sources, we will see Gas using his new powers in order to increase the gravity of Vegeta and Goku. This eventually makes them unable to move from their positions. Granola is also seen shooting Elec, but Gas surprisingly saves his life. He also goes rough and breaks Granola’s arm.

Gas also shoots Granola eyes. Elec takes the benefit of the opportunity and attacks him from behind. After all the attacks, we see Granola falling into a river, and this could be the end of him in the series. The viewers, for sure, were not expecting such a turn of events. Even we can be sure that Cerealian is out of possible options. Vegeta will also give some of his energy to our hero Goku, and we will be seeing him in his SSJ Blue’ form.