Not Racist! Women Who Demanded Refund As Hotel Houses 200 Afghan Refugees Say

A UK hotel where around 200 Afghan refugees were staying is at the center of controversy. According to Insider, two other women who had also been staying at the hotel have now demanded a refund. The reason: Negative reviews about the hotel where uncontrolled Afghan children were running riot causing discomfort to the guests.

The two women have also reiterated that their demanding a refund due to a reason they think is valid does not make them racist. The women have demanded a refund on their £338 ($460) three-night stay at the Grand Hotel Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

Negative reviews spurt refund demand

The duo had connected with their holiday operator to get their hotel changed after reading the negative reviews about Afghan evacuees staying at the same hotel. Pointing out that they were concerned about their safety and also the safety of their valuables left in the hotel room after the reviews lashed out against the manner in which kids were running wild. Instances of theft were also mentioned in the reviews.

One of the women, who said she had earlier worked with refugees, stated that it is not their fault but the predicament they are in.

The issue began when around 200 Afghan refugees were brought to the hotel after the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August. However, the reviews on Tripadvisor had guests complaining about “uncontrolled refugee children”.

The hotel operates as normal, so no refund

However, holiday operator National Holidays declined the demand for a refund saying that the women will not be paid back as the reservation had a no-cancellation policy. National Holidays also said that refunds are out of the question as the hotel continues to “operate as normal.”

While appreciating the customers sharing their concerns with the holiday company also said it is in constant contact with the hotel, which is operating as normal. Hotel Grand has been working with National Holidays guests over the past so many years.

There are also reports that said locals around are against the Hotel Grand’s act of housing Afghan evacuees.