American Women’s Soccer’s Biggest Names And How Rich And Decorated They Are

Soccer may well seem to be the sole sport as of late, where women are getting huge paydays than their male counterparts. This, according to sports pundits, is not that difficult to comprehend.   

Carli Lloyd  

A notable sports superstar is the 39-year-old Carli Lloyd, a part of the U.S. national team. She just announced her retirement post-Olympics as she is stepping away from the game after this year’s regular season of the National Women’s Soccer League.  

NJ/NY Gotham FC veteran Lloyd is a four-time Olympian bagging gold medal-winning goals in several games. Also, it was reported back in March that Lloyd is the highest-paid female soccer player globally, with an annual salary amounting to $518,000.  

Alex Morgan 

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Another notable player is Alex Morgan, who in 2011 became the youngest player on the World Cup roster. A decade after, she was deemed as one of soccer’s greatest scorers. In 2019, she scored her 100th goal and brought home the bronze at the Tokyo Olympics. It is estimated that Morgan’s salary is somewhere around $450,000.  

Megan Rapinoe  

Image source: Wikimedia Commons/Jamie Smed

Considered a hero of the 2019 World Cup, Megan Rapinoe continues to be a rockstar of the sport. She is that one player whom most Americans recognize, albeit they’re not too familiar with soccer.  

It was also during the 2019 World Cup finals where she scored her 50th international goal. revealed Rapinoe’s salary to be at $447,000 – making her the fourth highest-paid woman in soccer on the planet.  

Hope Solo  

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Popular goalkeeper Hope Solo has closely guarded the net for U.S. national team from 2000 until 2016. A well-accomplished athlete, to say the least, Solo has a couple of Olympic gold medals, a World Cup championship, and a holder of every major U.S. goaltending record under her belt.  

Abby Wambach  

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Abby Wambach, too is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a World Cup championship. By the time she retired in 2015, her 184-career goals were the most scored by any man or woman within international soccer’s history. Christine Sinclair however, surpassed this from Canada in 2020.  

Mia Hamm  

Image source: Flickr/Global Sports Forum

This list won’t be complete without Mia Hamm. She’s a soccer legend that many consider to “embody the glory of U.S. women’s soccer more than any person” and paved the way for modern-day superstars of the sport.   

She joined the women’s national team at the young age of 15 and became a part of the U.S. team in the first-ever women’s World Cup in 1991. Hamm would, later on, compete in three more and even secured two Olympic gold medals and silver under her name.