Critics Slam Team Biden For Not Being Keen On Solving COVID Origins

The origins of Covid-19 had been probed into, and an intelligence report had called for China’s cooperation for a conclusive assessment on how the pandemic had been born. When this intel report had come about, President Joe Biden had stated that the world deserved answers and that he would not rest until America gets them.

It is being reported that the intelligence community’s report on the origin of Covid-19 is inconclusive.

Significantly, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s meeting with Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi in Zurich failed to see this question being brought up. According to an NYPost report, the meeting had been scheduled as a follow-up to Biden’s telephone talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping last month. But then, missing out on the most important issue came as a surprise.

Not much effort in finding answers

Criticism has now been mounting that the officials around Biden are not very keen on doing everything to trace the roots of the coronavirus outbreak. The report quoted experts saying that finding out the origin of the virus outbreak is easily possible even without China’s cooperation.

A nation can break into the Iranian nuclear weapons program with allies, including Israeli partners, or North Korea’s missile and space and nuclear programs multiple times.

 There isn’t any difficulty in getting inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology; Hudson Institute senior fellow David Asher has been quoted telling NYPost. According to him, this could be done in a month.

Entrust task with independent experts

Asher has suggested that possible independent experts, like those working at Hudson, will find out what actually happened in Wuhan two years ago. He adds that all the feds should stamp their sign with their subpoena power for this to happen.

Though this is very unlikely to happen, some people want to know what actually caused the coronavirus to spread. However, it doesn’t look like Biden and his team is very keen on unearthing the facts.