Fired Americans Who Refused To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Resort To GoFundMe To Make Ends Meet

Back in September, United States President Joe Biden announced a so-called vaccine mandate requiring individuals who work for businesses with more than 100 employees to either take the Covid-19 vaccine or be tested weekly. Those who refused to get the jab resulted in them losing their jobs. Because of this, some of them have resorted to putting up GoFundMe accounts to ask for money to make ends meet.  

Covid-19 anti-vaxxers setting up GoFundMe accounts  

An report suggests that most of those who got fired and turned to the said crowdfunding platform stated that they don’t regret it.   

Stephanie Grandy worked as a registered nurse at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital in Maine. Unfortunately, she got fired on August 31. According to her, she refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine for ethical and religious reasons. She said in an interview that the Lord specifically told her not to take the shot. Further, she explained that they, later on, discovered that these big pharma used fetal cell lines in studying and the development of the vaccines. That said, Grandy firmly believes that abortion is murder adding that it would be a sin to be injected with it.  

Fetal cell lines  

For the uninitiated, these fetal cell lines are cells that are grown from aborted fetuses. These were utilized in developing several mRNA vaccines. Moreover, these were also used in the production of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine. This resulted in several religious groups shunning it.   

While still employed at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, Grandy is said to have applied for a religious exemption under Maine law. However, the application was scrapped by Governor Janet Mills last month.  

Grandy claims that a lot of her former colleagues didn’t want to take the vaccine against Covid-19. They ended up taking the jab, though, since there’s no other option for them to work elsewhere, according to her.   

The now-former captain at the Honolulu Fire Department – Kaimi Pelekai – also has a GoFundMe page. Just like Grandy, he too got fired from his job after refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine.