This is Ryan Gosling, 41, dressed as Ken for the upcoming Barbie film but fans aren’t impressed 

WITH peroxide blond hair, stonewashed double-denim and bright white boxers, it is certainly a look for the brave.

Not even the Hollywood heartthrob’s Adonis-like abs have saved him from a bashing online.

Many have called him “actually terrifying” and “horrendous” and long-term fans quizzed: “How did they make Ryan Gosling not hot?”

Most say it’s a doll disaster but is that really fair? Sun writer Josh Saunders takes the look for a spin on the mean streets of London...

My first pitstop was for a 15-minute spray tan to give my ashen, sun-allergic, skin that dreamy pump-Ken, ahem pumpkin, glow.

Now to don a bleach-blond wig into a messy mop like a Californian surfer look and I was nearly there.

The final step was to turn my portly paunch into a six-pack and thankfully, it didn’t take endless gruelling gym sessions.