All About the Ivy Ridge Survivor

Back when Alexa was just 15 years old, her devout Christian parents sent her to the Academy at Ivy Ridge in the little New York town of Ogdensburg in order to get therapy for her misbehaviour. They had no idea, though, that this institution would actually turn her around because it was nothing like what it had advertised – more like a prison with six more levels of internal structure.

In the end, Alexa’s family representative told everyone that her required drug test at intake “lit up like a Christmas tree,” which gave the impression that everything she said afterward was a lie. She wasn’t even given the slightest consideration when it came to her allegations of drug usage, criticism of the system, or painful sexual experiences that she had had there.

After a while, Alexa said, all she heard from her parents, peers, and facilitators was, “You need to talk more about drugs.” You will never advance unless you are able to accept responsibility for your acts and cease compensating the victim. So, in a last-ditch effort to go ahead, get out of here as soon as possible, and graduate, she started lying about abusing every kind of drug she thought of.

Trying not to cry, Alexa continued, “You know, you can’t even smile at another human being [at the Ivy Ridge institution].” Then there is someone who is showing you a great deal of predatory love and affection. However, the only thing you can feel or receive is the realisation that “I matter.” It was not blameless. To be completely honest, I can still feel her breathing against my neck. I distinctly recall saying, “Please don’t,” while feigning sleep. Please refrain from. That did indeed occur more than once.”

However, Alexa seems to be trying to move on from her past while also making an effort to atone for her actions today. In fact, even though her certificate from Ivy is invalid because it was never a legitimate institution, she seems to be succeeding as a travelling wildlife photographer these days.