Houston Daycare Teacher Wanted After Allegedly Causing Bodily Injury to 3-Year-Old Student

Crime Stoppers and Houston Police Department’s Special Victims Division are searching for a wanted Houston daycare teacher who allegedly cause bodily injury to a 3-year-old student.

Rynisha Madison
Houston daycare teacher, Rynisha Madison, 28, allegedly caused deep scratches to her 3-year-old student’s neck at La Petite Daycare. (Photo: ABC13)

Houston Daycare Teacher  Allegedly Hurt 3-Year-Old Student

Houston authorities are searching for Rynisha Madison, a 28-year-old Houston daycare teacher who is accused of hurting her 3-year-old student in her care.

According to charging documents, the Houston daycare teacher allegedly caused deep scratches on the child’s neck while he was running around the classroom at La Petite Daycare.  The child reportedly made an outcry during the investigation, prompting officers to determine that Madison was responsible for his injuries.

The Houston daycare teacher is said to have grabbed the child when he was climbing the front of a bookshelf, leaving scratches that exposed “the white meat.”

According to NBC 13, charging documents stated that the boy’s mother was not allowed to see and review the video that captured the incident because she is not an authorized person within the facility. However, a witness who saw the video reportedly told investigators that Madison could be seen grabbing the boy’s right shoulder clavicle area and pulling him toward her.

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Authorities Search for the Wanted Houston Daycare Teacher

Although the Houston daycare teacher supplied first-aid to the child and reported the incident to a supervisor, she is now wanted by authorities for causing bodily injury to a child under 15.

The Houston daycare teacher Madison, who has been working in the daycare industry for 10 years, claimed that the 3-year-old had thrown a chair at another student’s head on the same day of the scratching incident.

Although the child’s verbal skills were still developing, he was able to say “teacher, hurt neck” to his mother, according to records. Authorities are on the lookout for the Houston daycare teacher Madison, who is described as a Black woman, 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs 201 pounds.

Anyone with relevant information regarding the Houston daycare teacher’s case may be considered for cash payment by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitting an online tip, or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app.

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