Texas Water Infrastructure Fund: Senate Takes Action to Secure Future Water Supply

The Senate has recently approved a joint resolution to establish a new Texas water infrastructure fund.

Texas water infrastructure
Texas water infrastructure fund would pay for new water supply projects, including desalination projects and imports of water from other states. (Photo: American Museum)

Senate Approves Texas Water Infrastructure Fund

The senators approved Senate Bill 28 and Senate Joint Resolution 75 on Monday. The bill focuses on the Texas water infrastructure fund, KVUE reported.  The bill was filed by state Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock and when signed into law, the fund could reserve billions of dollars to obtain new sources of water and improve the Texas water infrastructure.

According to Corsicana Daily Sun, the approval of the Texas water infrastructure fund was unanimous, meaning that all senators present agreed to the Texas water infrastructure fund.

Although the bill did not specify the exact amount of money that will be allocated to the Texas water infrastructure fund, it is expected to be a significant sum, given the state’s current $33 billion surplus. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has prioritized the creation of this fund as one of the Senate’s main objectives in this legislative session.

The joint resolution, which still needs voter approval in November, would make the fund constitutionally protected. This means that it will be more difficult for future administrations to divert the funds away from water infrastructure and towards other priorities.

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Texas Water Infrastructure in Urgent Need of Investment

According to Sarah Schlessinger, CEO of Texas Water Foundation, Lone Star State urgently needs to invest in Texas water infrastructure. Texas is facing a unique combination of challenges that make this investment critical.

According to a published article in Austin-American Stateman, a rapidly growing population is putting pressure on an already strained water supply, while a significant drought is further reducing the availability of water. The state’s water infrastructure is also aging, leading to inefficient use of existing water resources.

The passage of the joint resolution is a significant step towards ensuring Texas has the necessary resources to address these water security challenges.

The Texas water infrastructure fund will provide critical resources for new infrastructure projects, such as desalination plants, water treatment facilities, and storage reservoirs. By doing so, Texas can ensure that it has a reliable and sustainable water supply for years to come.

Although the bill about the Texas water infrastructure fund has passed the Senate, it still needs approval from the House before it can become law. Given the urgent needs for investment in water infrastructure, it is hoped that the House will approve the bill quickly to ensure that Texas has the resources it needs to address the state’s water security challenges.

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