Two apprehended after police chase over possible stolen vehicle near I-610 and SH-288

Following a chase down SH-288 on Wednesday afternoon, two individuals have been taken into prison, according to the police.

Details of the Report

At about 4:35 p.m., Houston police received a complaint regarding a strange car. in the Pecan Park neighborhood at 7575 Office City Dr.

According to the police, they received a report regarding a stolen black pickup vehicle. While attempting to halt that car, one suspect leapt out of that vehicle and into a white pickup truck, driven by another suspect.

One of the suspects was handcuffed while SKY 2 was over the scene. Before police identified him and took him into jail, it was thought that the other suspect was hiding out in the woods.

Other Reports

A man who’s been convicted of aggravated robbery is now being accused with the robbery of a 76-year-old lady at a northwest Houston grocery store, according to court documents.

Charged with aggravated robbery of a person over the age of 65 or a handicapped person is 27-year-old Everett Morris.

On December 1, a Kroger’s parking lot in the 1300 block of West 43rd Street was the scene of the incident.

Court records state that the suspect leaped out of the passenger seat of a grey sedan with a black top, black hood, and black front quarter panel while the woman was loading goods into her car. He then snatched the woman’s pocketbook off her shoulders, which caused her to tumble to the ground.

Records of the Incident

According to the records, the suspect escaped with the woman’s purse, which was packed with her wallet, smartphone, and identity card. When the woman contacted her bank, they informed her that two successful purchases had been made at two different locations. Her smartphone was located by police and found close to the Pinemont and North Shepherd crossroads.

An HPD officer saw a car that matched the description of the suspect’s car many hours after the incident. A traffic stop was done on the car and a male and woman passenger were apprehended. Officers also discovered a weapon inside the automobile throughout the course of their search, which the subject acknowledged owning.

Due the car’s unique color, it matched the suspect’s vehicle observed on CCTV outside of the Kroger’s parking lot, reports state.

Morris was previously found guilty of aggravated robbery on June 4, 2013, and he also has an active criminal case.