A Frightening Murder Near UNT Campus Has Students Sent Into A Frenzy

Before the commencement of a new semester, a frightful murder near the University of North Texas in Denton has sent students into a state of frenzy and chills.

Untimely Death

What seemed like a normal day at college soon turned into a horrid scene when Cory Johnson, 43 was found shot after 22:00 on Wednesday, the 11th of January in his apartment itself in the 1000 block of Eagle Drive. He was fighting for his life but was later pronounced dead.

Everyone who knew him had good things to say about him, with many commenting that he was a very loyal worker who was disciplined and didn’t have enemies because of his kind behavior and helpful manners.

Destiny, a UNT student who lives right above Johnson’s apartment where he was shot, said how scary and eerie it is to be staying there, knowing something so terrifying had happened just below her apartment. She was quoted saying that Johnson had recently moved downstairs and he was really quiet and kept to himself, very unabashed and nice at heart. She went on to say that every time he would go to the food bank, he would get some more and let Destiny come from him. He would also help people with the laundry and was really a great soul. She said she was at home watching TV at around 22:15 when she and her roommate heard multiple gunshots.

What Happens Next?

She said they got down on the floor and were freaking out which led them to run back to their rooms and after about 10 minutes when they came back, they heard the cops coming around and knew the case was going to be a deadly serious one. The Denton police commented that they responded to a 911 call about a possible shooting and found Johnson’s door slightly open which led them to believe he was the plausible victim.

The Denton Police said that on finding Johnson’s door a little shaken, they called out inside to see if at all there were any residents who needed anything and immediately heard someone asking for help. They began with their life-saving operations even before Johnson was rushed to the hospital. He died at 23:57. The police officers confirmed that they did speak to him shortly before he was put into the medical care unit but the details of their conversation can’t yet be put out for the public to know. He then said that there was no threat to the other people living over there and went ahead to assure people of the same.

The people who knew Johnson was shocked to learn about this and wanted answers immediately. They said he worked in the food services section at the University of North Texas and was working on Wednesday, even a few hours before his untimely death. The entire college was preparing for the spring semester. Until today, no arrests have been made but the police and the community of students as well as workers alike have their hopes up.