Texas woman threatened to reveal boyfriend who lied about being married before she vanished — report

A Texas man is now accused of kidnapping his girlfriend after reportedly lying to her about his name and marital status.

Details of the Report

On January 14, Ocastor Sahvon Ferguson, also known as “Kevin Brown,” was detained by Collin County officials. The 32-year-old was charged with abduction in connection with Kayla Kelley’s puzzling Jan. 11 disappearance.

According to a recently made public affidavit acquired by FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth, Kelley’s car, which was discovered in a remote region of Frisco, Texas, after she vanished, “had been burnt beyond recognition and the occurrence was not compatible with a natural fire.”

The affidavit, according to FOX 4, “[a] search warrant was obtained on the car and gloves, duct tape, and a blanket were inside.”

The publication said, Kelley’s pals, who first reported her missing on Jan. 11, allegedly informed police that the 33-year-old had a boyfriend but broke up with him after learning he was married. According to county documents, Latrina Chandler Fergerson and Ferguson are wed.

According to the publication, Kelley had a contact on her phone named “Kevin Brown,” and police found his Lexus close to his McKinney home.


Ferguson “confessed to knowing Kelley, and the last time he saw her was Tuesday, Jan. 10 when she dropped him off for work about noon,” which matched phone records, the document adds when detectives approached him at his business close to Dallas, according to FOX 4.

Additionally, phone records showed that Kelley allegedly threatened to notify Ferguson’s wife about their relationship once she learned that Ferguson was wed.

The suspect refused to reveal Kelley’s whereabouts but admitted to using a false identity when speaking with her. Additionally, he admitted to investigators that he hid his car from his wife by parking it at Kelley’s house. According to the affidavit cited by FOX 4 and Kelley, the 32-year-true old’s identity was never revealed to Kelley.

In Collins County, Ferguson is being detained on a $1 million bail.

Other Reports

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office said on Tuesday that Brian Walshe, the Massachusetts art con man now in jail for obstructing a police investigation into the disappearance of his wife, had been charged with her murder.

Morrissey announced the new accusation in a minute-long video message, but he gave no other information.

According to a representative for the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, Brian Walshe is also accused of improperly transporting a body, Fox News Digital reports.