Fans concerned over rapper Nelly’s eyes roll to back of his head during performance

Rapper Nelly recently caused the internet to go crazy with thoughts about why he was rolling his eyes during a live performance.

Nelly took the stage at Juicy Fest in Melbourne, Australia to play a handful of his classics for a large audience. Nelly performed his country song Over and Over while one fan recorded it and zoomed in.

The resident of St. Louis was observed singing along while rolling his eyes in the back of his head. One viewer said Nelly was “high as hell” on Twitter after reposting the bizarre TikTok video there.

“What medication is Nelly using? Can percs do this? I’m inquiring,” said another.

Other Reactions

Others offered their interpretations on Nelly’s actions, with the majority speculating that the musician may be abusing narcotics.

In reaction to the video, one user wrote, “Could be ex, percs, or meth.”

Obviously MDMA, someone else said.

When it became apparent that the drug usage claims could be genuine, the rapper’s supporters voiced their disappointment.

“Oh my God, I pray he recovers. What is wrong with him? “, someone else said.

‘Fighting for Their Lives’

According to a fan, the rapper’s eyes were “fighting for their lives” and he should have kept his shades on.

Comedian Spice Adams ultimately parodied the famous moment. Nelly reportedly uploaded Spice’s video with a slew of smiling emojis after learning about the mockery reenactment, according to TMZ.

Nelly replied to the parody, but he hasn’t yet addressed all the fan conjecture about drugs. According to the Daily Mail, he did issue a statement praising “all of Australia” for “showing out.” He described the trip as “wonderful” and stated his eagerness to “end out strong.”

Other Reports, Concerned

Fans voiced alarm when the singing icon Nelly was spotted on stage in Melbourne on Wednesday blinking excessively and with his eyes rolling backward.

At Juicy Fest, the 48-year-old Hot in Herre singer sang Over And Over as his eyes were constantly rolling into the back of his head.

The celebrity chanted his 2004 hit before rolling his eyes and flailing his fists in the air while wearing blue trousers, a white T-shirt, and a massive diamond necklace.

Fans instantly shared videos of the performance online, with some claiming that he was having difficulty with the bright lighting.

Others advised the rapper to think about postponing the performance.