‘Honor murders’ father arrested after he killed his two young daughters in taxi after dating non-Muslim men

After 12 years on the run, the FBI finally caught a man who was wanted in connection with the 2008 deaths of his two teenage daughters.

Report of the Incident

According to an FBI statement, Yaser Abdel Said, 63, was peacefully apprehended by agents on Wednesday in Justin, Texas. He was wanted for the death of his daughters, Lewisville High School students Amina Yaser Said, 18, and Sarah Yaser Said, 17.

Since killing his two children in a cab in Irving, Texas, in 2014, Said had been on the FBI’s list of Ten Most Wanted. Police termed the killings as “honor killings,” and the suspect was enraged by this because the girls had been seeing non-Muslim boys.

The daughters thought they were on their way to eat with their taxi driver’s father when the gunshots occurred. Sara was in a position to call 911 after the gunshots. According to the Washington Post, she begged for help from the 911 dispatcher and named her father as the gunman.

Sarah pleaded for assistance. “I’m going to pass away. God, oh God. Abolish it.

According to ABC 8, the daughters’ fear of their father and his domineering behavior was the main factor in to Oklahoma with their mother.

Days later, despite the girls’ pleadings to avoid him, they nonetheless traveled back to Texas. The daughters had frequently expressed their fear that their father would murder them.

After arriving home, the girls passed away a week later.

Reported Abuse

The girls had claimed that their father had been abusing them sexually for years prior to their deaths.

Police also detained Said’s son, Islam Said, and brother, Yasim Said, who is suspected of aiding Said in eluding law enforcement.

The perpetrator may have had assistance from others, according to the police.

The search for their killer never stopped, according to Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey, despite 12 years of disappointment and dead leads.

Yaser Said’s arrest today “brings us closer to making sure justice is done on their behalf.”

Other Reports, Convicted

In the capital murder trial of a Lewisville father accused of shooting and killing his two teenage daughters in a cab in 2008, a jury returned a guilty judgment.

Following the murders of his daughters, Amina Said, 18, and Sarah Said, 17, Yaser Abdel Said, 65, managed to avoid capture for more than 12 years. Yaser Said will automatically get a life sentence since the prosecution chose not to seek the death penalty.

Patricia Owens, Said’s ex-wife and the mother of the victims, addressed him directly in a victim impact statement following the judgment.
“The judge awarded you much less than you deserved. Owens remarked, “You deserve to die. “Right now, you have nothing. You are a killer, a prisoner, and the devil.

Connie Moggio, the victim’s aunt and the mother’s sister, expressed her wish for Said, 65, that his remaining years in jail be filled with nightmares.

The conviction will be appealed, according to Brad Lollar, the chief public defender for Dallas County. He said that the crime’s investigation was feeble and that the true murderer went unpunished.

There are no witnesses in this case, according to Lollar, and there is no forensic science involved.

John Creuzot, the district attorney for Dallas County, applauded the detectives’ tenacity in pursuing Said.

In addition to expressing our sincere sympathies to the family, Creuzot said, “We are here to see that justice is served, as it was.”

Tuesday’s final arguments were a rehash of the two girls’ deaths and the prosecution’s case against Said.

Said, according to prosecutor Lauren Black, was “obsessed with ownership and control.”