“Teacher Of The Year, 2021” From Texas Found Slaughtered In Her Backyard

Wendy Duan, a petite 28-year-old Texas woman who was celebrated as the 2021 “Teacher of the Year” at the elementary school she so lovingly worked at, was knocked dead behind her house on Saturday. Police suspected that this has to do with her being in a bad marriage and plausible domestic abuse.

The Murder Scene

Innumerable outlets have apparently reported that around 21:50 on Saturday, she was found butchered with quite a few gunshot wounds in her Sugar Land backyard.

Her neighbor reportedly said that he heard 4 gunshots which were so prominent and loud that he left what he was doing and came outside in an instant. Another neighbor said how sad and gruesome the entire incident is, given, Wendy was really young and joyful as a person. A third neighbor came ahead and said how she would see Wendy on and off sometimes while a fourth neighbor said that although they didn’t use to have too much of a conversation on a daily basis, she did seem like a nice girl.

Wendy Duan was actually a third-grade art teacher at Boone Elementary School in Houston. Back in December 2021, she proudly posted her achievement of being named the school’s Teacher of the Year. She wrote on Facebook: “I still can’t believe that I won ESL teacher of the year lol The whole time I kept telling people that there’s no way that I would win, especially going against other teachers who have been teaching way longer than I have. Thanks to the people who believed in me and voted for me!”

Her History

Her Twitter account majorly had pictures where she was commending and applauding her students as well as the fellow teachers she was working with. Wendy seemed like a devoted friend, philosopher, and guide to her students.
With such a blazing and vivid mind who was dedicated to her work and considered it more than just a job, the news of her death came as a shock to a lot of people. Teams who are experts in crisis counseling are present at Boone Elementary in order to assist the students and the teachers alike, after Wendy’s unforeseen death. While releasing a statement, the Alief Independent School District said that Wendy had been working with the District since 2017 and that it’s really disturbing as well as saddening to learn about her tragic passing at such an age.
The police working, in this case, have identified a possible suspect but the accused isn’t in custody yet. No further information has been shared as of now to the public but the investigation continues to move ahead. This shooting is reported exactly 3 days after a teacher at Rickneck Elementary School in Virginia, was shot by a tiny, 6-year-old student after a quarrel. The teacher who goes by the name Abby Zwerner who is merely 25 years old, tried to take the gun away from the kid but failed and suffered fatal injuries but is getting better at the hospital she is admitted to.