Texas Couple Charged With Human Trafficking

A couple who had traveled last week from Texas to Miami last week is held for human trafficking. They are charged with bringing along with them, a young teenage girl and selling her for sex.

Trafficking Rampage

The couple Xavier Latrell Smith, 32, of Dallas, Texas, and Jayla Welch, 21, who is from the Dallas area, were arrested on Friday. The Miami-Dade police’s human trafficking squad charged them with sex trafficking, meddling with child custody, and using a communication device in an illegal way. The teenager they trafficked was a 17-year-old victim from the same region. They were found at a model at 8929 NW 27th Ave. in West Little River.

It was released that the teenager was hired by the woman who met her a couple of months ago when she was enlisting potential young girls for sex. The woman’s boyfriend, on the other hand, was given the task of setting up meetings with interested clients. All three of them, the couple and the teenager began their drive from Miami. They stopped in a few cities on the way to meet up with their customers who paid the couple a heavy sum to go out and have sex with the teenager.

All of this was put forth by the man who would speak to the customers and lay out the details. Services from the teenager were all processed on the male suspect’ phone which was also posted on a lot of commercial sex sites. They stayed in Miami, the Southern part of Florida for around a week, and in this duration, the girl received a gigantic amount of $ 10,000 while going out on dates with the clients and the money she confessed to sharing with the suspected couple.

Brilliant Detective Work

Detectives working on this case had actually received a tip from partners at the Federal Bureau of Investigation that both the suspected people might be in Miami-Dade County and are plausibly linked to heavy sex trafficking, especially concerning minors. The Detectives started an intensive search after that and after a thorough check in the Northwestern area of the County, Smith was seen coming out of the motel. After being caught, the couple was put in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and the teenager was taken into questioning.

Investigators working on this case made a statement that in the commercial sex sites, the advertisement of the minor, a 17-year-old teenage girl was put referring to her as “Cuban Doll.” After having spotted the male suspect outside of the motel room where all three were staying, the detectives could later locate them at Northwest 27th Avenue, an area that is predominantly known for commercial sex trafficking.

This case shows excellent team detective work for the information received by the Detectives was given to them by their law-abiding co-workers at the FBI. The mass is rooting for strict action against them so as to make sure that others don’t follow in their footsteps and be aware of the consequences that their ill actions will have in the near future.