Men Escape From Prison and Go on A Crime Spree Ultimately Held by Police Again

2 prisoners from Texas made a fascinating escape and went on a bizarre crime spree ending again into the shackles of the law enforcement officers.

The Eerie Escape

Reportedly, there was made not one, but two fancy escapes from captivation and a runaway so quick, so far, that they weren’t arrested until after 2 months. They covered three states but that thankfully ended when they crashed a stolen Porsche while on a high speed police chase in Texas.

The convict, Tyler Payne aged 31 and Thomas Cofer, 41 escaped from the Choctaw County jail in Oklahoma through the terrace of the prison, without anyone even slightly noticing their absence or their notorious act in process. They went to Frisco, Texas right after this.

What happened after this was that two women who were out shopping around on the streets were hackled, pestered and their purse was stolen by the escaped criminals on the 14th of November, 2022. What’s even worse is that one staggeringly old woman in her early 70s had a bag strapped around her neck and was thrown mercilessly on the ground while these 2 men tried to take the bag full of money from her, leaving her injured and traumatised, full of cuts and marks on her fragile body.

The two accused criminals fled and went to Mississippi next and they were arrested after police reported that one of the convicts car jacked an elderly man who was quietly dropping off his grandchild at school. Payne and Cofer’s notorious crime extending to three states and torturing civilians everywhere had sent people into  state of frenzy and police into a state of helplessness.

What Comes Next

But the criminals’ happiness was short lived for Payne was found missing during the jail headcount on the 25th of December. Him alongwith another inmate, Treverro McElroy aged 36 had ran off the Hins County jail in Raymond but Cofer was not a part of the second time they ran away.

The men who were wanted by the police desperately had gone to a church nearby in order to steal a van. The vehicle was later discovered to be a property of a churchgoer and was found from a river in Texas. This was seconded by an eye witness who had confessed on seeing a white man pushing the van into the water. Payne was ultimately caught when he was driving away with the stolen Porsche.

On the 10th of January, Payne had returned to Frisco, Texas where he was reportedly found stealing a Cadillac SUV. He then got off it and went behind a Porsche in Dallas the very same day. He also threatened and exploited a “Target” shopper inside the store.

Thankfully enough, Payne is right now in the hospital in Texas with quite a few charges against his name and bruises on his body from the crash that he just survived. The officers are now planning to shift him to Mississippi and keep him under strict jurisdiction. McElroy, on the other hand, remains at large as of 16th of January, 2023.