Texan Man Found Guilty for Participating in Capitol Riot

A local resident of Garland, Houston has been charged as guilty for assaulting a police officer on the 6th of January, 2021. This had happened during the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

The Story Unwinds

The man identified as Robert Wayne Dennis, 61, was found guilty of eight charges in connection with the Capitol Riot, including one charge on counts of assaulting police officers and one count of violent entry on the Capitol ground.

In the documents presented in court, the body cameras that the police officers were wearing, shows Dennis assaulting the various law enforcement officers who were trying their level best to get the massive crowd under control near the stairs leading to the Upper West Terrace of the Capitol Building.

After a press release talked about Dennis’ charges and accusations against him, it came up that he was apparently one of the men out there charging and pushing a vivacious line of police officers working for the betterment of the people.

The officers were guarding the Capitol Building with all their might but Dennis took hold of a baton that an officer was using to try pushing him backwards and instead used that baton to assault another law enforcement officer.

Disorderly And Disobedient

Going heads up against the law and violating rules is in itself not a viable way of behave, but to literally strike and smack men working for the law enforcement and takes majestic pride in beating them down in order to prove a petty point is even worse. Having been caught doing that, Dennis has come out quite abusive and physically dangerous.

It was also noticed and evidently kept that Dennis was seen violently fighting with one police officer and brings him to the ground before others came rushing into the scene and managed to push him away. That however didn’t deter his confidence and he approached another line of officers on the scene. Nevertheless, he was again pushed to the ground. At this point, he stood up and punched an officer.

The documents presented at the court verifies that Dennis told the officers his name, address and even his social security number before an officer came up and took his ID from his wallet. Police told Dennis that they would be using his ID to issue an arrest warrant. Right after that they released him in order to receive immediate medical help that the officers were unable to help with at that very moment because of the intensity of the riot and all of them being terribly occupied at the scene.

Dennis was taken into arrest but finally released from jail and he is waiting for his sentencing on the 13th of April, 2023. The total number of charges put against him are many but the ones he had been found guilty of are 1 count of civil disobedience, 2 counts of striking and abusing an officer, 1 count of entering a restricted area and remaining there even after repeated warnings were given and lastly, physically violating rules and getting into a rampage in a restricted area that belongs to the government.