Bandera County GOP Leaders Indicted, Accused in Fraudulent Document Scheme

Conrad Striegl and Cari Rene Leith were charged with fraudulent securing of document execution in Bandera County, Texas.

The Beginning Of The End

Conrad Striegl, 73, and Cari Rene Leith, 62, were each charged with fraudulent securing of document execution between $2,500 and $30K. Court records have been obtained which show this entire incident being downplayed very strategically in order to lease money and fool the government.

The pair has accusations of falsifying a document in order to completely shut down the bank access of another GOP official. The couple was then put behind bars in the Bandera County Jail on a state jail felony charge.

Conrad is listed as the recent Bandera County Republican party Chair and Cari serves her tenure as the organization’s treasurer. Plenty of people who have been a part of this investigation have come up and admitted that although they aren’t surprised that something of this sort has happened, they are saddened by the fact that people working for the betterment of the mass would do something so tawdry and demeaning.

The criminal charges put against them by the Texas Attorney General’s Office were actually launched last year in 2022 after the chairperson, Lynn Haueter who was the head then, was locked out and he couldn’t access the entire group’s bank accounts.

Political Agony

Lynn had said that she experienced quite a few difficulties while she was preparing payroll taxes for election workers. After she spoke to the bank, she was informed that she didn’t have any more access to any of the present group’s accounts. According to her, the money in the bank accounts was a mixture of donations and funding given by the state which was a total of about $13,000.

Lynn later realized that the bank had been given a conditions-of-censure document that had five very livid signs, two of which were Striegl’s and Leith’s. This had prevented her from having any duties related to the company which specifically included having control of the group’s bank accounts, per se. Investigators working on this case believe that this document levied on the 22nd of March was actually signed a few months before Lynn’s term was supposed to end. And clearly, it was fraudulent.

Striegl was thankfully taken to prison and was held on a $7,500 bond and Leith, on a $5,000 bond. However, both of them had been bailed and taken out of jail. On further research, it’s known that this case was presented to a grand jury by the Bandera County District Attorney and since then, there hasn’t been any update whatsoever by the Texas Attorney General.

While this case was coming out with an impending sense of doom for the culprits, Striegl didn’t receive any calls, nor did he respond to any of the emails sent to him asking about his statement. Leith was unavailable as well and both the couple has been keeping shush for quite a while now. Here’s hoping that they come up with a better excuse lest their reputation will be in shackles and will take forever to get back in the shinier arena.