Texans’ Additional SNAP Food Benefits Scheduled to Expire Next Month

Families around the country have been getting emergency SNAP allotments since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the spring of 2020. SNAP, often known as “food stamps,” is most popularly recognized by its acronym SNAP.

In reality, this benefit expansion amounts to basically assuring that SNAP beneficiaries get at least $95 per month. But in a state the size of Texas, many individuals have grown dependent on this money, which will soon run out.

The West Texas Food Bank’s chief executive, Libby Campbell, joined the Texas Standard to discuss the situation of SNAP benefits in Texas. Read or listen to the transcript of the story above.

Campbell Says

According to Campbell, “Yes, give or take a little bit. The credentials are based on a few factors. You know, one topic we enjoy discussing is the asset verification process required to be eligible for SNAP.”

Campbell said when they are contacted to apply for SNAP benefits, Texas is one of the few states remaining in the country that still requests a car asset verification. She said they are really putting on more pounds at our modest rural food bank here in West Texas, despite what we frequently observe. 

She added that they primarily serve 19 counties. It is comparable to West Texas’ 34,000 square miles. And they face all the various food-related issues that everyone would typically consider.

In Midland-Odessa, they actually have a hunger problem. Rural hunger extends into the farthest reaches of the territory they serve. 

Additionally, they are presently addressing border concerns in their service area. But one area where they have noticed a significant increase in the number of pounds we’re dispersing – visitors know, food banks measure everything in pounds, so sometimes that can be confusing – the food bank was dispersing roughly six million pounds annually before to the epidemic. This year, they are likely to transfer between 13 and 14 million pounds to those 19 counties, according to trends.

Other Reports, Food Stamps

SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, helps low-income households who comply with program requirements augment their monthly shopping budget. 

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission in Texas is in charge of managing SNAP payments, which are disbursed to holders of Texas Lone Star Cards once each month. The state of Texas will make its regular installments in February.

The final digit of the Eligibility Determination Group number determines when they will start receiving Texas SNAP food payments. 

When people submit a SNAP application, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission issues them a number. Beginning on the first of every month, benefits are deposited into Lone Star Cards over a 15-day period.