$800 One-Time Direct Payments For South Carolina Residents, Deadline of Application is Extended

South Carolina is giving $800 to its residents under a cash assistance program. Eligible recipients still have time to claim the money.

The state has already stepped in to help residents by sending out tax rebates since November. The State Department of Revenue said they had issued 1.39 million payments worth $942 million last December. South Carolina residents have been dealing with difficulties in their living arrangements, especially during the global pandemic. Giving cash assistance is their way of helping the residents deal with inflation and cope with the effects of the pandemic.

Some residents already received their rebates by the end of 2022 after filing their taxes during the October 17 deadline. However, some eligible residents can still claim up to $800 if they take specific actions.


Residents of South Carolina are eligible as long as they filed their state income taxes in 2021. Those who filed already will still be eligible if they file for an extension and must have tax income liability for 2021.

New residents of the state will be eligible if they filed their income taxes in 2021.

The deadline for filing taxes is on February 15, 2023, to give ample time for residents who were hit by Hurricane Ian.

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The amount to be received by residents is determined by their tax liabilities.

If an eligible resident has tax liabilities below $800, they will receive a payment that is equal to their owed state amount. But if they exceeded the threshold amount, they will receive an exact $800 amount.

By March, those who filed between now and February 15 will receive their payment through direct deposits or paper checks. The mode of payment depends on the information you provided on your 2021 taxes.

Residents who filed tax returns for the year 2021 could track the status online.

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